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Who am I, why I do what I do & how I can help you.


I just wanted to start my first blog letting people know a bit more about myself.

I’m Giovanna. I’m from Colombia. I’ve lived in Bogota – Colombia , Paris – France and I’m currently living in Amsterdam – The Netherlands, where I have my coaching and consultancy company.

One of my biggest passions in life is to travel around the world, discover different cultures and learn different languages. And I’ve been doing that for the last 14 years. 🙂

My core values are Integrity, Freedom, Authenticity, Happiness & Greatness and I’m trying to build my life and my relationships around them.

I’m the kind of person who likes to push my limits to unlock my highest potential and creativity, using my talents and striving to be a better person every day in order to create things that inspire me and hopefully empower others to make positive transformations in their lives.

I truly believe that we are in this planet to create more good in this world and that has become my philosophy in life.

I believe that we have so much potential within us that is really worth exploring. We’re here to do great things for us and for others so why not dare to fully become who we want to BE and inspire others to do the same?


A few years ago, when I was an international corporate lawyer, I dreamed about what I call my own version of success: having the freedom of being my own boss, an income that enables me to create the lifestyle I’ve wanted, traveling around the globe, spending quality time with my loved ones, and making a contribution to this world.

I knew if I wanted to live my dream I had to completely transform myself and my life from scratch. I had to create a new career, new mindset, new techniques, new strategies, and surround myself with an inspiring group of people.

After becoming a Life Coach and Business Consultant, having invested large amounts of money in my education, courses, programs, resources, mentors and coaches, having overcome many fears and perfectionism, holding myself determined, self-motivated, focused, disciplined…

I finally did it! 🙂

I created a business that enables me to wake up feeling energized and vibrant every day because I’m doing the work I deeply love. In addition to this, I have the honor of working with wonderful people, supporting them in creating the impact they want in their lives, creating their own version of success, and making a living out of their passions.

I started doing 1:1 life coaching sessions with hundreds of people. When my life coaching clients were ready to start their own business I shared with them the tools, methods and strategies that have worked for me and helped me create a sustainable profitable business. I also facilitated group coaching programs and trainings for different groups and associations.

And guess what? Those tools, methods and strategies that worked for me also WORKED FOR OVER A HUNDRED OF MY CLIENTS, CREATING A-MA-ZING RESULTS!

Now, I want to share those insights and strategies with YOU in my blogs, newsletters, videos and social media posts.

So stay tuned and connected to receive valuable information and practical steps that I hope will inspire you and empower you to create positive transformations in your life and business.


1) If you want to start your own service-based business from scratch.

My specialized online training course, Your Unique Biz, will help you:

~ Get a clear vision of the life and business you truly want for yourself
~ Connect your philosophy, talents and passions with your business
~ Find out which business model best suits you
~ Start your business without doubting its potential for success (you need to start somewhere! The moment is now!)
~ Define your services and products
~ Identify your ideal client (awesome people with whom you really wanna work with)
~ Identify what key activities and resources you’ll need to run your business
~ Create a sustainable and profitable business according to your needs, personality and desired lifestyle

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2) If you want to Upgrade your life & business, now!

* Get a clear vision of what is possible for you and your business
* Stop sabotaging your success
* Cultivate the right money mindset 
* Overcome your fears
* Stop procrastinating
* Create a Step-by-Step Plan to effectively reach your business goals
* Manage your time effectively and improve productivity 
* Attract clients consistently 
* Upgrade your income

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3) If you’re interested in participating in my Prosperity Consciousness Workshops, email us at so that we can send you the exact dates when I’ll be facilitating the workshops.

It’s a true honor to have you in my blog.

I appreciate YOU very much so I will do my best to fill this blog with very useful insights and information that will help you achieve your goals and create huge impacts in your life and business.

I wish you all the best in the world and that avalanches of love, happiness and health come into your life on a daily basis.

THANK YOU for being here!

With much love and appreciation,



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