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I am highly experienced in speaking at events, forums and radio empowering groups and associations, as well as keynote sessions.  


Offering significant experience and expertise in designing and delivering key messages for consultants, coaches, business executives and entrepreneurs.

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Testimonials From Attendees of Workshops

Financial Abundance Workshop

StevenGiovanna’s Financial Abundance Workshop is an eye-opener. Giovanna knows what she’s talking about, and gets to the heart of the matter. She hands you the tools to establish a positive relationship with money, which you need to enjoy financial abundance. Emotional blockades are revealed and addressed to help you adopt a wealthy mindset. Giovanna is very clear in her explanation of the true meanings of abundance, money, life goals, and happiness. She embodies a proper balance between being business-oriented and spiritually aware. I never realized that money was such a reflection of inner psychology, rather than just a thing that some people seem to acquire much easier than others.”

~ Steven de Bruijn, Founder/CEO at



Ana E“The Financial Abundance Workshop is very enriching. It gives valuable information on how to create an abundant state of mind and a healthy relationship with money.  After the exercises and the discussion with Giovanna and the other girls I felt full of energy and empowered to go and do the things I really love. It’s significantly more rewarding to surround yourself with enthusiastic and positive people to discuss abundance rather than only read books about it.  This workshop was an energy recharge and a useful way to learn tools for my financial future. I highly recommend it!”

 Ana María Echavarría, Professional Doctorate in Bioprocess Engineering Design.


financial abundance master group

Empowerment Workshop


Martha C

Giovanna’s expertise is evident. Giovanna uses effective techniques to create a space of self-reflection. Giovanna earns people’s interest thanks to the clear explanation of her ideas.  Every time I attend a workshop hosted by Giovanna, I walk out very motivated and energetic!”

~ Martha Constanza Garcia, Coach





Ana Maria

I can’t express in words how grateful I am for all the insight I had from the Empowerment Workshop. It was a very special moment for me because I was in a stage of self-discovery; suddenly a lot of ideas came to my mind and I found clarity and my purpose in life for the first time.”

~ Ana Maria Echavarria, Process Engineer Delft University of Technology



Omar Z

“Giovanna’s workshop helped me to put key pieces in place related to my personal and professional life. It’s great to realize that simple things as “the relationship you have with yourself is the key to your success” have so much depth and are so powerful. It’s an enriching workshop. I highly recommend it.” 

 ~ Omar Zuluaga, Vice President, Technical Support at AerCap – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.




“Giovanna’s conference was from the beginning something charming and enriching. Giovanna caught our attention from the start with a visualization exercise. Giovanna inspires confidence, is very professional, responsible and very friendly. What I like most about Giovanna is that she is a visionary and honest when it comes to giving an observation. She is not only a great professional but also a friend who above all want to help us make our businesses and lives thrive. I definitely recommend Giovanna as a coach to all entrepreneurs who has the vision and the desire of improving their businesses.”

Ludyng Salazar, Founder of Business Owners and Professional Network – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.