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::: 4 Months :::


Procrastinating, working hard without results and feeling stuck is not fun.

You want to upgrade your income, create free time and improve your lifestyle.

I can help!

I will show you how to get the results you want by using my step by step system which I created based on my own experiences of building a coaching practice from scratch + the wisdom gathered from my client’s amazing results.

This is what you will get with the Coaching and Mentoring Program:

~ 10 sessions You + Me on Skype or in person, working on the strategies and the mindset required to boost your business

~ Your Reality-Check Business form: An evaluation of your business where we will find out what your situation is and how it can be improved and shifted in terms of strategies and mindset

~ Your personalized Boost-Your-Business System: A clear step-by-step system that includes the actions and strategies to upgrade your income

~ Effective Client Attraction & Sales Systems to accelerate your business growth

~ Professional coaching techniques to get your entrepreneurial mindset in shape

~ Access to exclusive tools, templates, and How-To Guides

~ A follow up email after each session where I will provide the support you need during the process and answer your questions

 BONUS: Training on How to Create a Wealthy Mindset

 **I will share with you all the methods, tools, strategies and techniques that have proven to be successful for hundreds of clients.**

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::: 4 or 2 Months :::


This is what you will get with the Clarity, Confidence and Results Program:

~ 10 sessions (4 Months) or 5 Sessions (2 Months) You + Me on Skype or in person, working on your vision and the goals you have for yourself.

~ Clarity about who you are, your values, talents and passions

~ Clear picture of where you are right now and where you want to be

~ Professional coaching and counseling techniques to unlock your highest potential, learn how to believe in yourself and your decisions and feel empowered

~ Actionable steps to achieve your particular goals, in a way that will leave you feeling centred, clear, productive and incredibly passionate about what you are working towards every day

~ Support from me via e-mail

~ Access to an arsenal of information that will help you accelerate your self-growth

~ Learn mindfulness exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques to re-energize yourself

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5 HOURS You + Me working on strategies to boost your business. 

Via Skype or in person.


This is what you will get in a VIP DAY:

~ An evaluation of your business to find out what needs to be improved and how

~ Your personalized Boost-Your-Business System – A clear step-by-step system including the actions and strategies required to be implemented to boost your business

~ Effective Client Attraction & Sales Systems to accelerate your business growth

~ Access to exclusive templates, and How-To Guides

~ 30 min follow up session (via Skype) 2 weeks after the VIP Day session, to support you with the implementation

~ 3 follow up emails, within the 5 weeks after the session, where I will provide support and answer your questions

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 90 MINUTES You + Me on Skype or in person



This session is perfect for you, if you:

  • Have a particular concern about your business;
  • Want to learn new strategies to upgrade your income; or
  • Want to work on your mindset to get unstuck from where you are right now.


This is what you will get in one STRATEGY SESSION

~ Proven strategies and techniques to accelerate your business growth

~ Actionable steps to implement the strategies in a way that will leave you focused, productive and motivated

~ Professional coaching and counseling guidance to work on what is holding you back from getting what you want

~ A follow up email after the session

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90 MINUTES You + Me on Skype or in person


This session is for you, if you are looking for clarity about a particular aspect of your life or business.

Here’s what you will get in our one-on-one CLARITY SESSION:

~ Clarity about your passions and what you really want to create in your personal and professional life

~ You will be empowered to take the first steps to reach your goals

~ Professional coaching and counseling techniques to work on what is holding you back from getting what you want

~ A follow up email after the session

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With my Coaching Sessions, you will:

* Get a clear your vision of what is possible for you and your business;

* Stop sabotaging your success;

* Cultivate the right money mindset;

* Overcome your fears;

* Stop procrastinating;

* Create a Step-by-Step Plan to effectively reach your business goals;

* Manage your time effectively and improve productivity;

* Attract clients consistently; and

* Upgrade your income.


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Give yourself the power to live your dreams
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Once you fill out the form, my team or I will be in touch to schedule your Free intake session.

Please note: the spots for my sessions are extremely limited.

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Take Your Life and Business to a Higher Level!

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lauraGiovanna has a great talent, she sees and addresses the core issues for achieving one’s goals, by using effective interventions and exercises. She was able to help me realize what is important to me and to stay focused on that. Our sessions helped me return to my path of following my dream. My main barriers are clearer now and I know how to make use of my strengths. I believe in (achieving) my dream again. Thank you, Giovanna!

Laura Ramiro Pires Brammer. Founder, Trainer & Psychologist at



Giovanna is an amazingly insightful woman; she knows what questions to ask and how to bring out the best in people. Giovanna helped me get clear on my goals and where I needed to focus to get the desired results. Giovanna is thoughtful, compassionate, intuitive, wise, organized, loving, professional, knowledgeable and much more. I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about their direction in life or about their next move. Entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck and looking for the right tools to move forward should definitely have a session with Giovanna.”     

Lissa Cowan. Owner at – Communications. Author of the Novel “Milk Fever”.




“Before working with Giovanna I felt like I should’ve been able to do it all myself, that I shouldn’t have to hire someone to help me start a business.I really loved that Giovanna guided me to find the answers within!Rather than just merely give me strategy and business advice (which by the way was very helpful), she also ensured me that her insights were directed by my deepest desires and then helped me with an actionable strategy. I loved the whole experience. Speaking to Giovanna was like talking to a wise friend, a friend who gave me outstanding business advice aligned with my true purpose. I would absolutely recommend Giovanna and her services to someone starting a business who needs practical advice on how to start and run a successful business.

Kaly McKenna. Founder and CEO at

“Giovanna is a business woman with a big heart. She brings her life experience and strong mind to form the perfect coaching package.”

Claire Boost, Psychologist.


Giovanna has changed my life. 

She has helped me to discover my true values, which in turn have assisted me in learning about who I really am without wearing any masks. With the help of the exercises we conducted together, I was able to see the real me and determine my goals in life, they are now “crystal clear”. I started to sleep better and stress less.

The best part came at the end of our 3 sessions, when I registered my very own company and started to work on 3 business ideas. After all, I am very thankful for Giovanna helping me to discover myself, reduce my fears, and see a more clear picture about my true destiny in life.”

Peter Takacs. Business Owner at Giventure.

“After 5 coaching sessions with Giovanna, I managed to increase my income by 300%. Giovanna has guided me in my process of growing as a person and to become a successful entrepreneur. Giovanna is an excellent coach, especially to women who want to improve their relationship with themselves and with others, and create more wealth and happiness in their lives.”

Luisa Malaver, Amway Entrepreneur. 


Giovanna helped me from the first meeting to realize who I really am and my purpose in life. She helped me find peace of mind by complementing her sessions with great meditations. From the first session she didn’t hold back and proved her talent and professionalism as a Life Coach. I would highly recommend her to those who are looking for their meaning of life and improve their quality of life.

Mariela Aldana. Marketing and Sales Specialist.



Giovanna is a great Life Coach. She has the perfect attitude, intelligence, dedication, and a lot of love. I had my first session today and it was definitely spectacular, I would recommend everyone to experience the same!

Marcela Guarin. Specialist in Education and Human Development. 


The Coaching sessions with Giovanna have changed my life. With Giovanna’s coaching sessions, I learnt to let go of what is not serving me anymore. I’ve managed to define my life’s mission and most importantly, I learned how to take action in order to create what I want. Giovanna inspired me to go after my dreams in a practical way rather than an idealistic manner; she helped me apply tools to take consistent action towards my vision and mission in life. Thanks to her, I am now living my dream!”

Carolina Bastos. Visual Artist.

“What I like about Giovanna is her integrity, honesty and authenticity; these are her strengths to help others to deal with their issues. Her analytical skills enable her to make connections that matter, while giving her clients concrete and practical tools to achieve their goals. She has a dynamic and energetic approach to asking questions; most of the time reframing what she hears her clients are trying to say. This is her way to help people to see other perspectives. With Giovanna as a coach/counselor, you are choosing a direct approach to pro-activity, growth, empowerment, and straight forward communication.

My respect for Giovanna has to do with her non-conventional way of thinking, she has the guts to listen to her own voice and walk her own path.”

Lya M. Young-Afat, The Netherlands.

final svetlana pic

“Working with Giovanna has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching provides effective tools to  become clearly aware of who you are, where you really want to go and most importantly, what you need to do to get there. She starts with the most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. Once you have built that strong core foundation, you are able to work on both your personal and professional accomplishments from a place of integrity and resourcefulness. Giovanna’s coaching truly enabled me to create new opportunities for joy, happiness, abundance and clarity in my life.”

 Svetlana Zivchevska-Zdraveska. IT Consultant at IBM The Netherlands.

Giovanna is remarkably professional. Thanks to her advice I managed to increase my income substantially to the point that in short time, I managed to leave my corporate job to work full-time in network marketing. Giovanna taught me to stay focused on what’s really important, to choose my clients and properly schedule my appointments. With Giovanna I learned to plan better and thanks to this I have obtained wonderful results.”

Esperanza Romero, Amway Entrepreneur.

I wish all my friends and family had “a Giovanna” in their life. Giovanna helped me work toward my goals by really listening in an open minded way and asking me those questions that I had (unconsciously and successfully) avoided for a long time. How often do you consciously reflect on your own life or review if your actions are still in alignment with your dreams? If you’re anything like most of us, you probably don’t. Giovanna will help you do this, and guide you back in the direction of a happy and fulfilled life.

I would recommend Giovanna to anyone who is looking for their purpose in life, or anyone who has already found their purpose but is struggling to make it come true.

Do participate in the financial abundance workshop! It is inspiring and necessary. Especially for all those people who think they are so broke they can’t even afford the workshop: believe me, you can’t afford not taking the workshop!

Esther van der Valk. Lawyer. The Netherlands.